Franklin Quiz 1 "Childhood and Apprenticeship"
  1. What is a 'franklin'?
  2. Why is it significant that Franklin was the youngest son in his family and that he came from a long ancestry of youngest sons?
  3. Why did Franklin consider his parents to be American heroes?
  4. What was dinnertime like in the Franklin household?
  5. How did Franklin teach himself to avoid asserting his opinions in a direct and aggressive manner?
  6. What books did he read on his own?
  7. How did Franklin teach himself to be a great writer?
  8. How did Franklin sneak his own written pieces into the newspaper?
  9. How did Franklin legally get out of his apprenticeship?
  10. Why did he run away?
Use the following words in a sentence: indentures; proprietydisputatious; diffidence

EC: What book did Mr. Brown of Burlington write?