From Simon and Burns real life novel, The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner City Neighborhood (1997)


1.       The Fifty Year History of Baltimore’s Drug Epidemic (60-74)

2.       The Fifty Year History of West Baltimore’s Decline (86-99)

3.       The Great Migration in Baltimore (86-99)

4.       The Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center (after school programs) (32-44) (120-136) (198-212)

5.       The War on Drugs: Police Anti-Crime Strategies: Community Policing, Zero Tolerance and The Paper Bag Law (158-169)

6.       Back Log in the State Judicial System (state vs. federal court) (158-169)

7.       Political Representation in the Seventh District

8.       Teen Pregnancy in Baltimore (Programs to address the problem) (221-229) (230-236)

9.       Health Care: Drug Treatment Programs (237-246)

10.   Public Education in the Ghetto (Francis M. Woods Senior High) (28-32) (276-285)

11.   Summer Programs for Youth (289-300)

12.   Job Opportunities for Young Adults in Baltimore (300-307)

13.   Health Care: Disability Aid:  Deserving and Undeserving Poor (360-370)

14.   The Welfare (371-379) Post- 1996 Welfare Reform Act Situation

15.   Health Care: On-Going Support for Recovering Addicts (379-390) (419-434) (446-453)

16.   Section Eight Housing Grants (Single Unit Housing for 1st Time Homeowners) (401-410)

17.   New Journalism: The Novel as Non-Fiction (537-543)




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