Liebow, Introduction and Chapter II

I. Introduction

1. Narrative point of view of the writer:

  • Socio-political context in time: 1962 and 1967
  • Study Method: Anthropology vs. Sociology?
  • Study Method: Anecdotes from Grown Men on Their Own Turf: Why?
  • Intended Audience: Grant Origin?
  • Ideological Perspective?
  • Social/Cultural Perspective?

2. Problems?

  • Ideological Flags?
  • Study Method?
  • Social/ Cultural Barriers?
  • Aesthetic Distortions?

3. The Setting?

4. The Cast?

II. Men at Work

Topic Sentence:

1. What are the 'ghetto related behaviors' that Liebow seeks to understand in this chapter? (What are the truck driver's impressions?)

2. Why is getting and keeping a job a low priority on the streetcorner scale of real values?

Economic Factors:

Psychological Factors:

3. What kind of job would motivate these guys go to work regularly?

4. What conclusion is Liebow leading us towards? Do these guys need to change, or does the environment need to change? Is his evidence convincing?