The Comedy of Errors: Scene Breakdown
Antipholus of SyracuseAntipholus of Ephesus
I ii Arrival in Ephesus (6-9)
Ant S gives money to Dromio S to take to Centaur (6)
Ant S: "I to the world am a drop of water..." (6)
Ant S called to dinner by Dromio E. (7-9)
Ant S: "the town is full of cozenage..." (9)
 II i The Phoenix (10-14)
Adriana reprimanded by Luciana (10-11)
Dromio E: "my master is mad!" (12-14)
II ii The Street Outside the Centaur (14-20)
Ant S: reunion with Dromio S:  (14-17)
                                     money is safe.
Adriana and Luciana accost Ant S. (17-19)
Ant S is invited to dinner... and then some. (20)
III i Outside the Phoenix's Front Door (20-26)
Ant E arrives with Angelo and Balthazar (20-22)
                              a gold chain for Adriana.
Ant E reunion with Dromio E (22)
Ant E refused entry to his own home (23-26)
                             by Dromio S.
Nell and Adriana join the fray.
Ant E exits to the Porpentine with Balthazar.
Angelo is sent to bring the gold chain to Ant E.
                              at the Porpentine.
III iii Outside the Phoenix (27-33)
Ant S love scene with Luciana (27-29)
Dromio S terrified by the monster, Nell (29-32)
Angelo brings gold chain to Ant S. (33)
IV i The Porpentine (34-38)
2nd Merchant puts contract on Angelo. (34)
Ant E sends Dromio E to buy a bull whip.
Angelo demands payment from Ant E  (35-37)
                                for gold chain. 
Ant E is arrested by officer. (37)
Dromio S: a ship sails tonight. (37-38)
Ant E gives Dromio S the key to his safe (38)
                                to get bail.
IV ii The Phoenix (39-42)
Luciana asks Adriana for permission. (39-40)
Dromio S bursts in with key to safe. (40-42)
IV iii The Street (42-45)
Ant S: "not a man but salutes me." (42)
Dromio S rushes in with the gold for bail (42)
                           and news of a ship sailing.
Courtezan wants diamond ring or gold chain  (45)
                           from Ant S.
Courtezan's soliloquy: "to the Phoenix!" (45)
IV iv The Street Outside The Porpentine. (45-53)
Ant E under arrest by Officer. (45)
Dromio E with bullwhip is beaten for not (46-47)
                                bringing the bail money.
Adriana, Luciana, Courtezan enter (47-50)
                                with Pinch and his assistants.
Ant E put in strait jacket and removed. (50)
Dromio E put in straight jacket and removed.
Adriana pays off the Officer. (52)
Ant S and Dromio S. enter with guns blazing (53)
                                 and then run for the harbor.
V i The Main Square (53-69)
Angelo & Merch accost Ant S & Dromio S (53-55)
                           for stealing the gold chain.
                           Swords are drawn.
Adriana, Luciana, and Courtezan end fight. (55)
Ant S and Dromio S escape to Priory. (55)
Abbess Amelia quiets the crowd.  (55-57)
                           Adriana is blamed for the crisis.
Duke Solinus enters with Entourage. (58-59)
                           Aegeon with Executioner.
Adriana pleads before the Duke.
Servant bursts in: Ant E has broken free! (59-60)
Ant E and Dromio E plead before the Duke. (60-63)
Aegeon claims Ant E as his son. (63-65)
Abbess Amelia with Ant SDromio S (65-68)
Ant S and Ant E with Dromio S and Dromio E
                            get the last word.