Russian Studies

Fall 2013


What Was Done


I.                   Interpretive Introduction


a.       Marxists

                                                               i.      Orthodox

                                                             ii.      Revisionist

                                                            iii.      Leninist


b.      Liberals


c.       Modernizers


d.      Conservatives

                                                               i.      Entropists

                                                             ii.      Ideologues


e.       Accidentalists


II.                1905 Revolution


a.       Russo-Japanese War (1904-05)


b.      Bloody Sunday


c.       October Manifesto


d.      The Duma

Bolsheviks        SR’s     Mensheviks      Cadets             Octobrists


                        And its usurpation



III.               The February Revolution 1917


a.       World War One


b.      Abdication of the Tsar (March 15)


c.       The Provisional Government

                                                               i.      War Policy

                                                             ii.      Land Policy

                                                            iii.      Constituent Assembly


d.      Kerensky to Power


e.       Kerensky Offensive




f.        The Soviets

                                                               i.      Order #1


Lenin’s April Theses

                                                             ii.      “All power to the Soviets”

                                                            iii.      “Land, Peace and Bread”

                                                           iv.      July Days 1917


g.       Kornilov Affair



IV.              The October Revolution 1917


a.       Council of People’s Commissars

                                                               i.      Peace initiative, land seizures, factory seizures, nobility abolished, Church suppressed, alphabet reformed, calendar reformed, Cheka


                                                             ii.      Suppression of Constituent Assembly


                                                            iii.      Treaty of Brest-Litovsk Mar 1918


V.                 The Civil War 1918-21


a.       Reds (Trotsky) v. Whites, Allies and Poland


b.      War Communism


c.       Comintern


VI.              The NEP 1921


a.       One Step Backward


b.      Lenin’s Death 1924






VII.            Stalin Revolution 1928-34


a.       Power Struggle and “What is to be Done” redux

                                                               i.      Bukharin v. Trotsky


b.      Socialism in One Country

                                                               i.      Five Year Plans

                                                             ii.      Collectivization


c.       Purges