Russian Studies                                                                                                                                 09/13/11



Peter the Great : Reading Guide 1.0


Read the Riasonovsky article to gain familiarity with the Peterís story.


Without sweating the details too much, note the bizarre twists in Peterís path to power (Early Life; Accession to the Throne)..


Note the influences on young Peter.


Note the character traits revealed by Peterís Azov campaigns (Early Reign).


Understand the impact of the Grand Embassy on the Peterís policy and image (The Grand Embassy).


Note the scale of effort demanded by Peterís Great Northern War (The Later Reign).


Note the historiographically significant Riasonovsky characterization of Peterís reforms as both ďad hocĒ and ďvisionaryĒ (Peterís Reforms).



            State Administration (Senate, Colleges, Gubernia)


            Holy Synod




            Table of Ranks




Note how future eras came to view Peterís legacy (Evaluation).



Read Olivaís chapter to gain a broader perspective on Peterís impact.


Contrast the joy engendered by Peterís death with the epical acclaim that soon followed (170-172).


Note Olivasís efforts to compare Peterís regime with similar patterns in ďrealĒ European countries (all).


Delve carefully into Olivaís concept of the Great Power syndrome (172-174).


Follow Olivaís explanation of the utility and vicissitudes of autocracy as a governing principle (174-176).


Assess Olivaís explanation for Russiaís success under Peter and under the influence of Peterís legend (176).