Applying Philosophy to Modern Global Issues
Group Projects

President Elect Trump and the World

Discussion Questions:
  1. Regardless of your own personal opinion on the issue, consider the rationale of both sides of the argument. Which position is more reasonable? Why?
  2. Does either position recognize the fundamental rights of the individual as defined by the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights emphasis on preserving the dignity of every individual?
  3. Is there an ethical way to justify this position? (Virtue Theory, Utilitarianism, Deontology)
  4. A sure way to gauge the maturity of any argument, regardless of the partisan side chosen, is to acknowledge the downside of your position and take responsibility for it. What downside do you acknowledge to the position you have taken on the issue?
  5. Or perhaps, you reject that utilitarian position and insist that considering the consequences of the position we take should not prevent you from making a clear moral choice. Are you a deontologist at heart? (Use the Kant's categorical imperative to make your point.)
  6. Comment as well on how your classmates' presentation has evoked Aristotle's Rhetorical Modes of Ethos, Logos and Pathos.