Quiz on Backgrounds to Greek Tragedy

European Humanities
October 2018
Mr. Spragins

Part One: Identify the Sections of a Greek Theatre on the following diagram

  • Orchestra
  • Theatron
  • Skene
  • Paradoi


Short Answer Questions;

  1. What is the primary feature of Orphic religions?
  2. Towards what moment does the action of a tragedy drive?
  3. What is a dithyramb? What does the word literally mean?
  4. What innovation in the performance of the dithyramb enabled the rapid development of the art form of tragedy? Who was responsible for this innovation?
  5. What does the word tragedy literally mean?
  6. What is the typical theme of a tragedy? Into what kind of situation will the playwright inevitably place the tragic hero?
  7. In what political and social context did Sophocles write Oedipus Rex?
  8. Describe the costume of a Greek tragic actor.
  9. How many could be seated in the Theatre of Dionyus?
  10. How many actors performed in Oedipus Rex?

Extra Credit: Describe the following special effects that would take place in a Greek tragedy:

o   deus ex machina

o   eccylema

o   periaktoi