Quiz on Fussell, "The Real War, 1939-1945"

Walt Whitman declared, "The real war will never get in the books."

John Guest, in Broken Images: "I am undergoing a land-change into something coarse and strange."

Norman Mailer, “You use the word shit so that you can use the word noble.”

1.      What details of combat are never reported to  the public? Why?

2.       What does constant exposure to fear cause?

3.      What physical responses to fear do soldiers not like to talk about?

4.      What does ‘unconditional surrender’ mean to the typical GI?

5.      Why did the US Army limit the length of service in theatre of war to 365 days during the Vietnam War?

6.      Why didn’t war correspondents tell the truth?



What does Barbara Foley mean in the following quote?

One could say of the real war what Barbara Foley has written of the Holocaust -- not that it is "unknowable" but that "its full dimensions are inaccessible to the ideological frameworks that we have inherited from the liberal era."