Shakespeare Festival

Rehearsal Directions Day #2

Production Meeting
- Share your homework results:
- Write your Company Report.
- Construct your rehearsal Space.

Running the Scene

- Figure out entrances and exits:
- Include every character on stage in the action, even those who are silent.
- Decide where on stage the key moments in the action will take place.
- Thoroughly rehearse any physical business. (Fighting of any sort is only allowed if Mr. Malkus participates in the fight choreography.)
- Run through the scene without stopping at least three times.

Homework: Promptbook Work:

- Work together to bring your promptbook up to date. 
- Learn your lines! Your performance will be much better if you memorize your lines! (Remember that you have the option to write your lines out on index cards to carry with you on stage. Donít carry a script around with you.)†

Promptbook Checklist:

a. ______ Cover page
b. ________ Introductory Page
c. ________ Set Design (Elevations/ Ground Plan or Description)
d. ________ Company Report (group project)
e. ________ Prompt Pages (see below for the ideal prompt pages)
f. ________ Costume Drawings (Descriptions and Justifications)
g. ________ Character Reports (one per actor)
h. ________ Short Essay (everyone does one of these too)
i. ________ Photographs of Key Moments in Tableaux
j. ________ Video of Key Moment in Tableaux

Remember that the ideal prompt book will contain the following:

a.  _________ Definitions of difficult words.
b. _________ Paraphrases of difficult passages.
c. _________ Blocking Notes:

1) Mark in the script every move your characters will make in the course of your scene.
2) Describe the stage business in which the characters engage.

d.  _________ Character Report:

1) Write down your characterís objective in the margins of your script next to the appropriate lines. If your characterís objective changes during the scene, write the new objective in the margin at the point of change.
2) Mark your lines with notes that indicate inflections, pauses and stressed words.