A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Quiz on Act One scene one
  1. What does the play's  title mean?
  2. When and where is the play set?
  3. How does Shakespeare draw on both Greek Mythology and English Folklore in imagining the characters for his play?
  4. What does Theseus mean when he says to Hippolyta,
                              O, methinks, how slow
This old moon wanes! she lingers my desires,
Like to a step-dame or a dowager
Long withering out a young man revenue.
  1. How does Egeus believe that Lysander has bewitched his daughter, Hermia?
  2. What does Egeus demand that Theseus do?
  3. How does Hermia respond to this threat?
  4. Why does Lysander argue that Demetrius should be disqualified from wooing Hermia?
  5. What do you think Hippolyta is thinking as she watches this scene unfold?
  6. How will this whole scene be replayed in dream land?