A Midsummer Night's Dream

Act Three scene one

Quiz Questions:
  1. How do the Mechanicals plan to deal with the following problems they see in staging Pyramus and Thisbe for the Duke??
  • Pyramus drawing a sword to kill himself
  • The fierce Lion's appearance
  • The Moon shining in the night
  • A Wall through whose crannied chink the lovers Pyramus and Thisbe can speak
  1. What has happened to Bottom when he makes his emtrance as Pyramus?
  2. What does he tell Snug and Peter Quince when they tell him he has been 'translated'?
  3. What song does Bottom sing to prove to himself that he is not afraid?
  4. How does Bottom react when Titania awakens and declares her love for him?
  5. What gifts do the fairies Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth and Mustardseed offer to Bottom?
  6. Titania speaks this speech as her fairies lead Bottom away to her bower. Is there any indication that she understands what is happening to her?
Come, wait upon him; lead him to my bower.
The moon methinks looks with a watery eye;
And when she weeps, weeps every little flower,
Lamenting some enforced chastity.
Tie up my love's tongue bring him silently.