Class Presentation Project on the Industrial Revolution

General Form for Each Presentation:

Slide One: The topic of your presentation.

Slide Two: State the class' overall thesis statement.

Slide Three: State your group's topic sentence. Make sure that your group's topic sentence is directly connected to the class' thesis statement.

Slide Four: Show how your particular section of the argument is directly related to your group's topic sentence and to the overall thesis of the class presentation.

Slides Five -? : Present your section of the argument

Ground Rules for the Rest of the Presentation:

1. Shoot for brevity, specificity and clarity in your argument.

2. Do not include too much information on ONE slide.

3. Make sure that you document your argument with specific references to your text.

4. Quote the text. Select a quote that is directly related to your argument: short, sweet and to the point.

5. Make your conclusion clear. Make sure that your conclusion makes a good transition to the next presentation in your group.

6. Your individual presentation should be no longer than five minutes in length. (THE SILICIANO RULE!)