Quiz on Nineteenth Century Ideologies

  1. Why did conservatives defend the authority of ancient institutions like the church, the monarchy, and the aristocracy?
  2. What is the key to progress according to liberal political philosophy?
  3. Why did de Toqueville fear a ‘tyranny of the majority’?
  4. According to Adam Smith, how does reliance on ‘the invisible hand’ of market forces work to the benefit of all members of society?
  5. Why is poverty natural and ineradicable according to Malthus?
  6. Explain Jeremy Bentham’s principle of utility in his approach to reform.
  7. Why did socialists criticize the classical liberal faith in individual liberty as well as the radical liberal's faith in reform?
  8. What reforms did Robert Owen encourage factory owners to make voluntarily?


E.C. Describe Fourier’s socialist utopia: the phalanstery.