Deep Time:

Strauss, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Calculator; Map, The Solar System (to scale)

If each step you took measured a year, how far would you have to walk from Gilman to get to the following destinations? Where on the map would you wind up? At 15 minutes per mile, how long would it take you to get there? 

a. Greek Golden Age: 500 BCE (1.4 miles) ; 21 minutes
b. Agricultural Revolution: 10^4 (6.8 miles);  1 hour and 42 minutes
c. Ice Age Ends: 1.8x10^4 (11.35 miles); 2 hours and 50 minutes
d. Cave Art: 5x10^4 (29.5 miles); 7 hours and 22 minutes
e. Homo sapiens:5x10^5 (285 miles); 71 hours and fifteen minutes
f. Lucy (austrolapithicus): 3.18x10^6  (1805 miles);  nearly nineteen days
g. Life on Earth: 2x10^9 (1.13 million miles); about thirty-two years
h. Earth: 4.5 x10^9
 (2.5 million miles); 71.35 years
i. Big Bang: 12-15 x 10^9 (6.81 million miles); about 194 years