Heart of Darkness Reading Two

Reading Comprehension Quiz:

  1. What resolution had Marlow made as a boy when he first looked at a map of the great expanse of Africa and followed the snake of the Congo River upstream? (21-22)
  2. With whom does Marlow make contact in order to get a ship captain’s position with the Belgian company colonizing the Congo? (23) 
  3. Describe the fate of Captain Fresleven, Marlow’s predecessor. (23-24)
  4. When Marlow arrives at the central office in Brussels, what does he find the women doing as they sit beside the great map of Africa? 
  5. What secret theory has the doctor who examines Marlow’s head developed about the effect of the jungle on the European mind? (26-27)
  6. What is the French warship doing as Marlow's steamer passes? (30) 
  7. When Marlow arrives in the Congo, he immediately begins his journey up-river aboard a vessel captained by a Swede. What happened to his predecessor?
  8. What does Marlow find when he arrives at the Outer Station? Be specific. Name a detail.
  9. What does Marlow find when he steps into the grove of trees to escape the heat of the sun? (35) 
  10. How is the Chief Accountant of the Outer Station dressed? (36)