Adjective and Adverb Phrases


A. Underline each adjective phrase in the following sentences and draw an arrow to the noun it modifies.


1. Once inhabited by American Indians and dreaded by pioneers, the deserts of the Southwest are now popular areas for business and recreation.


2. Caves beneath the rims of the desert canyon were once the homes of small bands of Pueblos.


3. These lofty homes provided protection from enemies, but life in cliff dwellings was hard and tedious.


4. The flatlands below the abandoned ruins were once irrigated† by a system of canals.


5. A visit to the desert intrigues tourists from states without deserts.


B. Underline each adverb phrase in the following sentences and draw an arrow to the word it modifies.


1. After the concert, everyone praised Gail for her performance.


2. She had spent hours at her home , practicing daily in the den.


3. When she was playing at her best, she forgot that there would be other pressures in the concert hall.


4. Although she played at home with great abandon, like a great virtuoso, she was modest about her coming performance.


5. She practiced far beyond the necessasry hours, knowing she would not be content with a merely mechanical rendition.


6. Bill, however, practiced for only a short time and, after practicing, always went to the corner for a pizza.


7. If he succeeded with the right notes, he thought, his music teacher would be satisfied with him.


8. After their first rehearsal together, Gailís cool reaction to his interpretation was shattering to his self-respect.


9. Bill, the best pianist among the boys, practiced in terror for the remaining three days without stopping.


20. When he spoke with us after the recital, he raved about Gailís playing.