Questions to Ask While Reading a Creative Writing Project


1.       Description


-          Is the writing effective?

-          Does the writer appeal to as many senses as possible, not just sight but touch, taste, smell and hearing?

-          Is the setting clear (both in space and time)?

-          Does the writer show the reader this world rather than tell us about it?


2.       Characterization


-          Is there one main character?

-          Is that main character described and characterized in detail?

-          Is the main character a real person instead of ‘wooden’ or ‘typical’?

-          What function does each minor character play in the action?

-          Are the minor characters sufficiently differentiated from each other?


3.       Point of View


-          Can you identify the story’s narrator?

-          Is this point of view consistent throughout?

-          How near or far from the action is the narrator?

-          Does he or she participate in the action? Does that work?


4.       Plot (Implied Thesis)


-          Does the central character pass through a transforming experience?

-          Does the central character pursue an objective and have to overcome obstacles to that objective?

-          Are the events of the story plausible?

-          Does the writer create suspense? Is the reader interested in what will happen next?

-          Is the ending plausible? Is it the only and right conclusion? Why or why not?


5.       Dialogue


-          Is the dialogue realistic? Do the characters sound like real people?

-          Does the writer put in dialogue to appropriately dramatic moments?


6.       Title


-          Is the title of the piece meaningful?

-          Does the title add to the piece or detract from it?


7.       Presentation


-          Is the story/essay typed and double-spaced?

-          Is it error free in terms of punctuation, spelling, and grammar?