Huck's Situation: Chapters One to Eight, pp. 13-58 


Reading Comprehension Quiz


  1. How does Tom Sawyer fool Jim while he is asleep?
  2. Why donít the other boys want to let Huck into their gang?
  3. Why has Huck given up praying?
  4. What is the first thing that Huck hears about his Pap in over a year?
  5. How does the gang make out in its first ambuscade?
  6. What failed experiment makes Huck give up Tom Sawyerís bookish adventures?
  7. How does Huck discover that Pap really is back in town?
  8. What does Huck immediately do  when he learns Pap is back?
  9. What advice does Jimís hair ball give Huck about how he should deal with Papís return?
  10. How does Pap nearly con the new judge into letting him have Huck back?
  11. Where does Pap take Huck after he kidnaps him?
  12. Why does Pap hate the guvíment?
  13. What event convinces Huck to try to escape his Pap?
  14. How does he get away?
  15. Where are Jim and Huck reunited?