Huck Finn Quiz 5

  1. What do Jim and Huck do when they lay up during the day to avoid being seen on the raft?
  2. Why do Huck and Jim agree to give up their beds in the wigwam and wait hand and foot on the Duke and the Dauphin?
  3. What scam does the Dauphin concoct to convincee Pokeville Camp Meeting worshippers to hand over their money?
  4. What plan does the Duke concoct to make it safe for Huck and Jim to run the raft during the day?
  5. What are Bill, and Buck, and Hank, and Joe, and Andy all talking about while down at the Bricksville general store?
  6. What entertainment do the boys typically observe on the town's main street?
  7. How does Col. Sherburn save himself from a lynching after shooting Old Boggs dead?
  8. What is the climax of  the drunk on horseback trick that amazes Huck at the circus?
  9. What scam do the Duke and the Dauphin plan after only twelve people come to see their Shakespeare show?
  10. What is so heart wrenching about Jim's tearful story about his daughter?


  1. (Huck Finn has also been playing a grifter's  game ever since he ran away from home, but how is he different from these two scoundrels?)
  2. (How does Twain's lampooning of such practices fit into his overall critique of America's biggest social problems?)