Huck Finn Quiz 2
  1. What do the people searching the river do to try to make Huck's drowned body rise to the surface?
  2. What does Huck see on the boat which passes Jackson Island searching for his body?
  3. What is Jim's first reaction when he sees Huck on the island?
  4. Why did Jim run away from the Widow Douglass' farm?
  5. What sign tells Jim that a big storm is coming?
  6. After the storm, what odd things do Huck and Tom see as they paddle about the island?
  7. What does Jim discover in the frame house which floats by?
  8. How does Huck nearly get Jim killed?
  9. What does Huck learn while disguised as a girl?
  10. How does Huck save Jim's life?
E.C. What is the story of Balum's Ass in the Bible?