Huck Finn Quiz 4
  1. What picture of domestic bliss is elicited by Huck's description of the Grangerford home? (
  2. Huck has a near twin brother named Buck! (Ever met your double in real life?) What is Twain up to in creating the perfect friend for Huck?
  3. How long has the Grangerford-Stephenson feud been waged?
  4. We all love our pets, but what is wrong with Emmeline Grangerford's tribute to her dead parakeet?
  5. What is strange about the way that they keep Emmeline's room just the way she left it?
  6. Do you sense any trouble for Huck at having a slave-servant? Or is he now completely oblivious to the progress towards understanding that he had begun to make with Jim?
  7. Does the romance between Harley Shpeherdson and Sophia Grangerford remind you of any other famous romances?
  8. How did the Grangerford slaves help Jim?
  9. Observe Huck carefully as he reacts when the violence of the feud breaks wide open. (Remember that Buck is Huck's twin!) What did Huck see which he cannot describe?

How is Twain satirizing the values of the Southern aristocracy and hinting at the core problems that face America in his depiction of the Grangerfords and their code of honor?