Huck Finn Quiz 3

  1. How do Huck and Jim justify stealing chickens, mushmelons and watermelons from the shore?
  2. What do Jim and Huck discover when they start exploring the sinking steamboat?
  3. What goes wrong with Huck's plan to trap the bad guys on the wreck?
  4. Why does Huck decide to save the rapscallions on the boat?
  5. How does Huck convince the ferry master to hurry out to the sinking Walter Scott?
  6. What is the point of this Bible story about Solomon? 
  7. What is Jim's problem with "Polly-voo-franzy"?
  8. What prevents Huck and Jim from finding the mouth to the Ohio River?
  9. What lie does Huck tell Jim when they are reunited? Why?
  10. What is Jim's response when he discovers Huck's lie?
E.C. What is the significance of passing Cairo in the fog?