Tempest Quiz 2

  1. What has happened to the courtiers' rich garments after having been drenched in sea water?
  2. What is Gonzalo's vision of the government which could be created on this island?
  3. What causes the courtiers to drop off to sleep?
  4. What primal crime do Antonio and Sebastian plot while the others sleep?
  5. What form of government could prevent this plot?
  6. What prevents the villains from carrying out their scheme?
  7. What does Caliban believe is approaching him when he sees Trinculo?
  8. What does Trinculo believe he has encountered when he stumbles upon Caliban just as the storm breaks again?
  9. When the drunken Stephano sees Trinculo and Caliban hiding beneath the gaberdine, what kind of exotic creature does he believe he has discovered?
  10. What plot does the drunken Caliban hatch?

Extra Credit: 

Explain what the bold word mean in this context:

  • "I' the commonwealth I would by contraries execute all things..."
  • "How camest thou to be the siege of this moon-calf?"
  • "This is some monster of the isle with four legs, who hath got, as I take it, an ague."