Tempest Quiz
Act V, scene i: O brave new world! (pp. 52-62) 

1.      In what state of mind are Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian after they have been put under the power of Prospero’s magic?

2.      Why doesn't Prospero reveal Antonio and Sebastian's treachery to Alonso?

3.      What are Ferdinand and Miranda doing when Prospero reveals them
to the courtiers? 

4.      What does Miranda say when she sees the courtiers?

5.      What will happen to Caliban when the courtiers return home?

6.      What is Prospero's last request of Ariel before he sets him free?




Once Prospero has attained absolute control over all of his enemies, he breaks his magic staff and gives up his opportunity to wreak revenge upon his enemies.

                  Why does he do this?

                  Does his choice surprise you?

                  What has happened during the play to change his mind?