Quiz on Morgan, "Dreams of Liberation"


1.    What was Sir Walter Raleigh's dream for the Roanoke Colony?



2.    Why could the English so readily identify with the victims of Spanish colonialism in the New World?



3.    How did John Oxenham nearly succeed in taking control of the Spanish silver trade out of Peru?



4.    What was the result of Martin Frobisher's ill-fated Newfoundland expedition?



5.    Who were the Cimarrons, and how did they figure into Sir Francis Drake's strategy to wrest control of the New World from the Spanish?



6.    Why was Sir Humphrey Gilbert chosen to lead the first Virginia expedition? (What made this choice an ominous one for Raleigh's dream?)




Paragraph:  (on back)

How might the English model of colonization, if it had been successfully implemented, have changed American history?