"The Lost Colony", ch. 2 (pp. 25-43) of American Slavery...American Freedom (1975) Edmund S. Morgan

Study Guide



Arthur Barlowe



1. After Gilbert disappeared at sea, who took over the Virginia colonization project?

2. What did Arthur Barlow report about the nature of Virginia's land and people after his 1584 reconnaissance mission?

3. List the key components of Haklyut's argument in his effort to convince Queen Elizabeth to support Raleigh's plan to go to war with the Spanish in the New World.
Richard Grenville

Ralph Lane

4. How were colonists recruited to participate in Raleigh's mission? Why was the mission put under military control?

5. How did this choice betray the mission's utopian aspirations?

6. In addition to plundering Spanish settlements in the Carribean, what else was Drake up to as his armada made its way north?

John White

Thomas Hariot


7. How did the depictions of the natives in White's paintings and Hariot's reports serve to confirm English preconceptions about the 'good' and 'bad' indians?

8. What mistaken impressions did the Indians have of the English? Why?

9. What went wrong at Roanoke? (THESIS)

10.  Why did the English fail to fish, forage for or grow their own food, despite Indian aid, during their first year in Roanoke?

11.  How did the trouble start?

12. What was the situation in Roanoke when Drake arrived with his passengers freed from Spanish slavery?

13. How did the tempest of June13, 1586 finally doom the expedition?

14. What became of the settlers, John White, his daughter, and their Indian friend Manteo who were left behind on Roanoke Island in 1587? (Inspiration for The Tempest?)

Paragraph: Morgan's insight: "the Indians did not show the nobility and the English the divininty that was expected of them".