Creative Writing Option Five: Whitman-esque Song of Myself 

Write about a group of your friends (yourself included if you wish) or any other group of people you know, or about a group of people that you don't know but imagine.

Try writing in very long lines. Make each line a certain scene in these people's lives-- a scene typical more of the way they all act than of how just one of them acts-- on the street, in a living room, on a bridge, in a vacant lot, in a car, in a drugstore, at the movies, at a party, in a classroom, at a dance.

It may help if you exaggerate everything these people do together and completely leave out the lives they live separately. Give names of streets, towns, hangouts, everything, crowding into every line many details of the scene. However inconsequential the things they do may seem at certain times, you might try making the poem heroic as if everything they do were part of some pilgrimage, some mission.

Don't worry about punctuation or connections or making perfect sense; more important is the excitement, the putting together of great lines of vivid, harsh, particular details. (Koch 238)