A Christmas Memory” (1956) by Truman Capote


  1. How does Buddy’s friend know it is “fruitcake weather”?
  2. How old is Buddy? How old is his friend? (Why does she remain a child?)
  3. What living situation do Buddy and his friend endure in with the other ‘persons of the house’?
  4. How have they made the money for their annual Fruitcake Fund?
  5. What was the most successful scam they ever used to make money for the Fruitcake Fund?
  6. Name three things that Buddy’s friend has never done.
  7. Why do they throw a penny out the window after counting their money for this year?
  8. Where do they go to get the whiskey for their fruitcakes?
  9. To whom do they give their fruitcakes? (Name three)
  10. How do they get in trouble?
  11. Where do they find their Christmas tree?
  12. What Christmas gifts do Buddy and his friend give each other?
  13. How are the two finally separated?

E.C. What is the slogan they have entered in the coffee brand contest?

E.C. How did Haha Jones get his name?

Paragraph: What does Buddy’s friend realize about God while she and Buddy are flying their kites?





What makes writing great?

  • How does Capote conjure the imagination of the reader?
  • Why is detail so important?
  • Examples of detail from the story?


What makes a short story great?

  • How well does the story evoke a complete setting despite its brevity?
  • How well does the story evoke a time of life?
  • What relationship between man and the universe is suggested?