Vocabulary List (Make up a sentence using each word.)

Reading #3 (pp.95-131)

expostulate (p.96)- To make friendly remonstrances or representations for the purpose or reprehension or dissuasion; to reason or remonstrate in a friendly manner with (a person), about, for, on, or upon (a thing).

abominable (p.96)- Exciting disgust and hatred, generally by evident ill qualities, physical or moral; offensive, loathsome; odious, execrable, detestable.

facetious (p.97)- Characterized by, or addicted to, pleasantry; jocose, jocular, waggish. Formerly often with laudatory sense: Witty, humorous, amusing; also, gay, sprightly.    a. of utterances, compositions, actions, etc.

familiarities (p.99)- The state of being very friendly or intimate, friendly intercourse; intimacy with (a person). ;  b. Undue intimacy.

excommunicate (p.100)- trans. (Eccl.) To cut off from communion; to exclude, by an authoritative sentence, from participation in the sacraments and services of the church, or from religious rites in general.

porringer (p.101)- A small basin or similar vessel of metal, earthenware, or wood, from which soup, broth, porridge, children's food, etc., is eaten: variously specialized in different localities: see Eng. Dial. Dict.

pleurisy (p.107)- Path. Inflammation of the pleura, with or without effusion of fluid (serum, pus, blood, etc.) into the pleural cavity; a disease characterized by pain in the chest or side, with fever, loss of appetite, etc.; usually caused by chill, or occurring as a complication of other diseases (scarlatina, rheumatic fever, phthisis, etc.). Formerly often with a and pl.

noncupative (p.107)

compositor (p.108)- Printing. One whose business is to set up type to print from; a type-setter.

imprudent (p.109)- Not prudent, wanting in prudence or discretion; the reverse of prudent; rash, heedless, indiscreet, incautious.    a. Of persons.

factotum (p.110)- a. In L. phrases: Dominus factotum, used for ‘one who controls everything’, a ruler with uncontrolled power; Johannes factotum, a Jack of all trades, a would-be universal genius. Also fig.    {dag}b. One who meddles with everything, a busybody.    c. In mod. sense: A man of all-work; also, a servant who has the entire management of his master's affairs.

sagacious (p.113)- Gifted with acuteness of mental discernment; having special aptitude for the discovery of truth; penetrating and judicious in the estimation of character and motives, and in the devising of means for the accomplishment of ends; shrewd.

intimation (p.113)- The action of making known or expressing merely; an expression by sign or token, an indication; a suggestion, a hint.

compunction (p.114)- Pricking or stinging of the conscience or heart; regret or uneasiness of mind consequent on sin or wrong-doing; remorse, contrition.

fallacious (p.116)- {dag}a. Of persons: Deceitful (obs.).    b. Of things: Deceptive, misleading.

burlesque (p.120)- Of the nature of derisive imitation; ironically bombastic, mock-heroic or mock-pathetic; now chiefly said of literary or oratorical compositions and dramatic representations; formerly (quot. 1712) also of pictorial caricatures. In burlesque author, poet, actor = a writer of burlesque literature, an actor of burlesque parts, there is a mixture of the attrib. use of the n. in B.

artifice (p. 127)- Skill in designing and employing expedients; address, cunning, trickery.