Franklin's Errata (continued)

What was Franklin's first 'erratum'?

  • Franklin's Arrival in Philadelphia (the 'puffy rolls': a famous moment in American literature!)
  • In what kind of professional situation did Franklin find himself in Philadelphia? (How quickly did he conceive of the idea of becoming the principal printer in town?)
  • Can you blame Franklin for falling under the influence of Governor Keith? (From the very start what should he have realized about this man's intentions?)

Return to Boston:

  • What major mistake did Franklin make when he returned to Boston?
  • Why didn't Ben's father help him with this opportunity? (Was he right?)

New York: 

  • How did Ben nearly get in trouble enroute to New York?
  • How did he get in trouble in New York?
  • What was the biggest mistake Ben made on this trip? (How did his friendship with Collins end?)
  • Despite all Ben's mistakes, what is amazing about his story thus far? (Remember he is all of 18 years old.) (What is the point Franklin is making about America?)
Back in Philadelphia:
  • Who does Franklin make friends with next?  [Ralph the Poet]

Governor Keith (Franklin's Biggest Mistake!)

  • What did Governor Keith tell Franklin he would do after he heard of the refusal of Ben's father to invest in the business?
  • How did Keith double-cross Ben?
  • Why, according to Mr. Denham, did Keith double-cross Franklin? What good advice does Mr. Denham give Ben?
  • What final judgment does Franklin make of Keithís behavior?


  • Describe the errata of Franklin's youthful life. What mistakes did he make? (Which did he avoid?) How did he correect them? What did he learn from them about people?

Franklin in London:

  • Although you'd think he would know better by now, what big mistakes does Ben make during his first months in London?
    • With whom does he continue to hang out?
    • What was Franklin's biggest mistake with women? (How does he mess up his relationship with Miss Read?)
    • What pamphlet did he print at Palmer's Printing House?
    • Why did Ralph take Franklin's name?
    • What did Franklin do with Ralph's girl friend while he was out of town? (the consequence?)
    • How did Franklin manage to alienate his co-workers at Watt's Printing House? (Is Franklin an idiot or what?)
    • How did Franklin finally start to get his life straightened out?
    • How did he get on the good side of his co-workers? 
    • With whom did he hang out after work?
    • How did he pick up extra money outside of work?
    • What lesson did Franklinís mentor Mr. Denham teach him about the best way to deal with debt? (What job did Denham offer him?)

  • Even though Franklin did not make much money in London, what great lessons did he learn there?