Part Two: “The Science of Virtue”, (pp. 141-160)  (written in France in 1784)

p.143 (62-63) Based on his experience soliciting money from his neighbors for the Philadelphia public library, what suggestions does Franklin offer to prospective fund raisers?

pp.143-144 (63) How did Franklin spend his leisure time instead of playing games or frequenting taverns?

p.144 (63) According to Franklin, what was the worldly reward of virtue?

pp.144-45 (63) By devoting themselves to frugality, what were Franklin and his wife eventually able to afford?

p.146 (63) What are the essential beliefs of all religions?

p.146 (63) What principles of tolerance did Franklin practice in his relations with people of various religious backgrounds?

p.147 (64) To what religious beliefs and activities did Franklin object?  Why did he stop going to church?

pp.148-49 (64) Rather than blaming his faults on 'original sin', how would Franklin explain destructive behavior? How did he propose to correct these faults in his own character?

pp.149-51 (64-65)Look at the order of Franklin’s list of virtues. Why does he put ‘temperance’ and ‘silence’ first and ‘chastity’ and ‘humility’ last? (Do you buy his explanation?)

pp.151-52 (66)How did Franklin apply the scientific method to his quest for perfection?

p.153 (66) In place of prayer, what meditations would Franklin use?

pp.154-55 (67-68)  How did Franklin seek to achieve order in his disorganized life?

pp.155-56 (69) When Franklin discovered that it was impossible to achieve moral perfection, how did he comfort himself?

p.157 (69) What is the reward for dedication to the quest for moral perfection? How does this approach to virtue and the good life differ from traditional Puritan theology?

p.157 (69-70) How is Franklin’s science of virtue a universal religion? How did he believe that this approach to virtue was superior to traditional religions? (Do you agree?)

p.158 (70) How does Franklin re-define the ‘rule-breaking’ concept of sin?

p.158 Describe how Franklin sought to achieve the ideal society.

p.159 (70-71)How did Franklin achieve the appearance of humility?