Franklin in Philadelphia pp.71-95 (35-50)

pp.75-76 (35-36) What impression did Franklin make on the townsfolk as he walked through the streets of Philadelphia with three puffy rolls under his arms? 

pp.78-79 (37) Why did Franklin find both Bradford and Kiemer, Philadelphia’s two printers, to be poorly qualified for their jobs?

p.80 (37-38) What did Franklin’s first patron, Governor Keith, promise to do for the young man?

pp.81-82 (38-39)When Franklin returned to Boston to visit his family, how did he ‘unforgivably’ offend his brother?

p.82 (38-39) Why did Franklin’s father refuse to give his approval or money to support Ben’s project with Governor Keith?

pp.83-84 (39-40) What pitfalls of youth does Franklin avoid during his trip back to Philadelphia?

pp.84-86 (40-41) What happens to Franklin's friend from youth Collins on his first trip away from home?

pp.85-86 (40) What ‘errata’ does Franklin commit after he has been entrusted with his friend Vernon’s money?

pp. 87-88 (41-42) Why did Franklin give up being a vegetarian? Looking back, what moral does he apply to his decision?

p.89 (42) Why did Franklin postpone his engagement to Miss Read?

p. 92 (43-44)What deal did Franklin make with his friend Osborne?

p.90 (43-44) What portrait of poets does Franklin draw through depicting the character of his friend Ralph?

pp.92-94 (43-45) What did Franklin need from Governor Keith in order to acquire the printing equipment in London? Why, according to Mr. Denham, did Keith double-cross Franklin? What good advice does Mr. Denham give Ben?

p.95 (44-45) What final judgment does Franklin make of Keith’s behavior?

Franklin in London pp.95-106

p.96 (45-46) What great mistake did Franklin make regarding his relationship with Miss Read?

pp.98-99 (46) What led to Franklin’s falling out with his friend Ralph?

pp.99-101 (46-48) How did Franklin avoid the fate of his friend and achieve success at Watt’s Printing House? How did he avoid his co-workers’ enmity even though he refused to drink?

pp102-03 (48)What did Franklin learn from his landlady and his neighbor about living sensibly in the big city?

pp.103-04 How did Franklin put his swimming talent to practical use?

pp.104-05 (49)What lesson did Franklin’s mentor Mr. Denham teach him about the best way to deal with debt?

pp.106 (50) Even though Franklin did not make much money in London, what great lessons did he learn there? What plan did he draw up on his voyage home?