Reading Comprehension Questions:

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, part one

Childhood and Apprenticeship (pp.45-75) (22-35)

p.45 (23) What is a Ďfrankliní? Why is it significant that Franklin was the youngest son in his family and that he came from a long ancestry of youngest sons?

p.51 (25) When did Franklinís father come to New England? What did he do for a living?

pp.54-56 (26-27) What was dinnertime like in the Franklin household?

p.56 (27) Why did Franklin consider his parents to be American heroes?

pp.60-61 (29-30)How did Franklin teach himself to be a great writer? What books did he read on his own? What kind of writing exercises would he do?

pp.64-66 (30-31) How did Franklin teach himself to avoid asserting his opinions in a direct and aggressive manner? How would this conversational skill contribute to his success as a businessman and politician?

p.68 (32) As a fourteen year old apprentice in his brotherís printing business, how did Franklin sneak his own written pieces into the paper?

pp.69-74 (32-35)  How did Franklin legally get out of his apprenticeship? Why did he run away? Where did he go? How did he wind up in Philadelphia?