Franklin Quiz 4: Return to Philadelphia & The Pennsylvania Gazette

  1. What happened to Franklin's kind mentor and employer, Mr. Denham, when he and Franklin returned to Philadelphia?
  2. What had happened to his once friend, Ms. Read?
  3. How did Franklin know that he had a dead-end job at Keimerís printing shop? What did he do to ensure his future success while in this difficult situation?
  4. What skills did Franklin and his friends develop during the Friday night meetings of the Junto Club?
  5. How was The Pennsylvania Gazette different from its competition in both appearance and content?
  6. Who saved the business when Franklinís principal partner pulled out?
  7. Why does Franklin emphasize that the appearance of industry and frugality is as important as reality of these virtues?

EC Use the following in a sentence: factotum ; compunction
  • How did he Franklin take advantage of the currency debate in the Pennsylvania legislature to put himself in the position to land a highly lucrative contract?