Franklin Quiz #2: Philadelphia
  1. What impression did Franklin make on the townsfolk as he walked through the streets of Philadelphia for the first time?
  2. What was special about the girl whom he saw during that first walk?
  3. What did Franklinís first patron, Governor Keith, promise to do for the young man?
  4. Why did Franklinís father refuse to give his approval or money to support Benís project?
  5. What pitfall of youth nearly ensnared Ben during his boat trip to New York?
  6. What happens to Franklin's friend Collins on his first extended trip away from home?
  7. How does Franklin betray the trust of his friend Vernon?
  8. How did Franklin and his new friend Ralph the Poet get the best of the contentious Osborne in their poetry contest?
  9. What was the real reason why Ralph the Poet wanted to go with Franklin to London?
  10. Why was Keith unable to meet with Franklin to give him a letter of credit before the trip to London?
Vocabulary: Use the following in a sentence: victuals, doggerel, mortification, fractious

EC What agreement did Franklin make with his friend Osborne if one of them were to die young?