Franklin Quiz #3: London

Although you'd think he would know better by now, what big mistakes does Ben make during his first months in London?
  1. What does Franklin consider to be his biggest mistake with women? (How does he mess up his relationship with Miss Read?) (43)
  2. With whom does Franklin continue to hang out?
  3. How successful is Ralph at finding work? (Where does he look?) (45)
  4. With whom does Franklin begin to make new friends after publishing his pamphlet at Palmer's Printing House? (45-46) (Who does he get to meet?)
  5. Why did Ralph take Franklin's name when he finally got a teaching job out in the country? (46)
  6. What did Franklin do with Ralph's girl friend while he was out of town? (the consequence?) (46-47)
  7. How did Franklin manage to alienate his co-workers at Watt's Printing House? 
  8. How did he finally manage to get on the good side of his co-workers? (46-47)
  9. How did Franklin finally start to get his life straightened out while living on Duke Street? (47-48)
  10. How did he pick up extra money outside of work? (48-49)
  11. What lesson did Franklin’s mentor Mr. Denham teach him about the best way to deal with debt? (49-50)
  12. What job did Denham offer him? (49-50)

  • Even though Franklin did not make much money in London, what great lessons did he learn there?