Study Guide for The Great Gatsby

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Chapter 3 (43-64)

Party#3: Summer Parties on West Egg at Gatsby's Mansion

Describe the amenities available at Gatsby's mansion as it turns into the ultimate party machine,


Yet Gatsby is only rarely seen! What kind of rumors circulate about him?


 Who does Nick run into and wind up hanging out with at the first Gatsby party he attends?  What is the quartet from East Egg like with whom she has come? (Jump ahead a bit: what does Nick like about Jordan? see p.63-64)


Who typically shows up at these parties, East Eggers? Past midnight the party gets out of control. For Nick the scene turns into "something significant elemental and profound"(51) What does he mean?


How does Nick finally meet Gatsby? What is his first impression of the man?


What does Nick find out has happened in the driveway when the party finally breaks up? Just another debauched detail or is Fitzgerald up to something more profound?


PARAGRAPH: Why has Gatsby invited Nick to the party? What does he talk about with Jordan? (She won't tell Nick.) Why has Gatsby been throwing all these parties?!