Gatsby Quiz Chapters Three and Four


1.     List five of the amenities available at Gatsby's mansion as it turns into the ultimate summer party machine.

2.     What rumors about Gatsby circulate through the party?

3.     How did Jordan Baker get into trouble?

4.     What is Nick’s first impression of Gatsby after finally meeting him?

5.     What does Nick find out has happened in the driveway when the party finally breaks up?

6.     Who has moved into Gatsby's mansion uninvited?

7.     What was Meyer Wolfsheim’s most famous scam?

8.   What are Meyer Wolfsheim’s cufflinks made out of?

9.     What did Daisy do with the letter from Gatsby on the eve of her wedding to Tom Buchanan?

10.     When did Tom start cheating on Daisy?


Paragraph:  What danger does Nick face from hanging out with Gatsby?