Gatsby Quiz Chapters 5 and 6


1.       In return for setting up the tea party with Daisy, what does Gatsby offer Nick?

2.       How long has it been since Gatsby and Daisy have seen one another?

3.       What does Gatsby nearly knock over as he stands uncomfortably before Daisy?

4.       How long did it take Gatsby to earn the money to buy his house?

5.       At the culminating moment of Gatsby’s tour of his mansion with Daisy, what does he begin tossing in the air to Daisy’s delight?

6.       Who plays the piano for Gatsby and Daisy?

7.       How are the East Eggers rude to Gatsby when they happen by on horseback?

8.       At what precise moment did James Gatz become Jay Gatsby?

9.       Who was Dan  Cody?

10.   Why didn’t Daisy enjoy the party at Gatsby’s mansion?


Extra Credit: Where did Gatsby really go to college? How long?