Gatsby Quiz Chapter Seven

1.        Whose birthday is it on the day of the catastrophe?

2.        What is the name of Daisy and Tom's daughter?

3.        According to Gatsby, what is it about Daisy's voice that makes it so fascinating?

4.        How does Daisy reveal to Tom that she and Gatsby are having an affair?

5.        How does Tom respond to this discovery?

6.        How did George Wilson respond when he found out that Myrtle was cheating on him?

7.        Who was Blocks Biloxi from Biloxi?

8.        How does Gatsby react when Tom tells him that he has found out about his latest business deal with Meyer Wolfsheim?

9.        What does Daisy say when Gatsby tells Tom that she never loved him?

10.    Why did Myrtle run out into the street?

E.C.  Who was Trimalchio? Who is Walter Case?