New York: A Documentary Film (1999) Ric Burns PBS


Episode 5: “Cosmopolis


  1. Introduction: Cosmopolis

a.            F. Scott Fitzgerald on the New York harbor


b.            John Chen on ‘moving up’


c.            Alfred Kazin on Manhattan in the New York imagination


d.            Soldiers returning from WWI


e.            The 369th Regiment


f.              Dawn of the American Century


g.            Emergence of Mass Culture


h.            The Sky is the Limit


1.    Explosions

a.            The Red Scare

b.            Bomb on Wall Street


2.    The Golden Boom



a.            F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Arrival in NYC

b.            This Side of Paradise

3.    The Roaring Twenties



a.            The 2nd Industrial Revolution


b.            Radio and the Birth of Mass Culture


c.            Jazz


d.            The American Musical and the Mixing of High and Low Culture



4.    The Tempo Quickens

a.    Mass Culture: Art and Commerce


b.    City vs. Country


c.    The Fitzgeralds Begin to Unravel


d.    Lindbergh’s Flight