A Chronology of Willy Lomanís Life

  • Willy is born, in his fatherís wagon somewhere on the road in Ohio. 
  • (One of the only memories he has of his father is the sound of a flute playing.)

  • Willyís father deserts his family in South Dakota and leaves for the Alaska Gold Rush. 
  • Ben, aged seventeen, leaves in search of his father.

  • Willy marries Linda and begins working as a salesman for Frank Wagnerís company. 
  • Biff is born.

  • Happy (Harold) is born.

  • Willy buys a house in the Brooklyn suburbs and moves his family. He signs a 25-year mortgage.

  • (Arthur Millerís fatherís business starts to go sour.) 
  • Willy reaches the height of his success as a businessman, earning $70-$100 dollars a week
  • Fall: 
    • Willy buys a Hastingís Refrigerator (big ad in paper.) 
    • Willy builds a stoop on the back door of his house with lumber stolen from a nearby work site. 
    • Willy owns a Chevrolet with a fold-down windshield and a bad carburetor. 
    • Uncle Ben visits. 
    • Biff stars in the city championship football game at Ebbets Field 
    • Biff gets a football scholarship to the University of Virginia.
  • Spring:
    • Biff flunks his math exam in Mr. Birnbaumís class and doesnít graduate. 
    • Biff goes to Boston to talk with Willy and discovers him in the hotel room with the woman.


  • Biff is fired from Bill Oliverís Sporting Goods Store for stealing a carton of basketballs. 
  • Willy pawns his diamond stick pin to pay for a correspondence course for Biff.


  • Biff leaves home.


  • Willy finishes a new ceiling in his living room.
  • The playís action begins late Monday night when Willy returns home after nearly running off the road enroute to New England.
  • Tuesday a.m. 
    • Willy is fired by Howard. 
    • Biff steals a pen from Bill Oliver. 
  • Tuesday p.m. 
    • Willy is left in the menís room at Frankís Chop House. 
  • Wednesday early a.m.  
    • Willy plants a garden.
    • Willy drives his car into a wall. 
  • Saturday 
    • Willy is buried 
    • The refrigerator is paid off. 
    • Linda makes the final payment on the house.