Death of a Salesman Quiz: Act II Part One


1.     What prevents Willy from selling his house and moving to the country?

2.     When will Willy and Linda make their last mortgage payment on the house?

3.     What does Willy ask his boss Howard that morning at work?

4.     What will Willy, Biff and Happy be celebrating that night at Frank’s Chop House?

5.     Why won’t Howard give Willy a desk job in New York?

6.     When Willy was getting started, why did he think selling had to be the greatest job in the world?

7.     How does Willy finally justify his decision to remain a salesman and not follow Ben off to the gold mines of Alaska?

8.     What does Bernard do for a living?

9.     Why is Charley insulted when Willy asks him for $110.00 to pay his insurance?

10.Why won’t Willy take the job from Charley? (96-97)


E.C. Throughout the scene with Willy in his office, Howard is playing with a ‘wire-recording machine’. Do you find any poetic significance to this choice of props? (76-78)