English Eleven
Fall 2013
Mr. Spragins


Portrait of Myself as a Writer

Describe yourself as a writer. Tell me what you will need to do this year to develop into a student capable of writing a college level essay. Answer the following questions in your essay:

  • Do you understand basic essay form? 
  • Do you devise good thesis statements?
  • Are your paragraphs organized around strong topic sentences which are directly related to your thesis?
  • Do you cite specific evidence from the text to support your argument?
  • Do you quote the text often in support of your argument?


Think also about the clarity of your writing, your grammar and usage:

  • Do you know how to punctuate properly?
  • Do you revise your writing to clarify your expression?
  • Do you know how to cite the text using proper MLA format?


Do you enjoy creative writing?

  • Have you ever kept a journal?
  • What type of creative writing do you enjoy most: poetry, short stories or plays?


Our goal is to have you writing college level essays by the end of the first semester.

  • What will you need to do in order to meet this overall goal?  
  • (Take this question seriously because we will be evaluating you this semester based on these criteria.)