• verisimilitude: a realistic evocation of character in a realistic dramatic situation
  • a believable setting, a sense of time and place, use of dialogue and interaction of characters;   how is this a day unlike any other day?
  • dynamic dramatic action: a clear objective for your central character and clear obstacles to that objective


Personal Essay

  •  verisimilitude: a realistic evocation of character and setting
  • the curve of an action implied in the juxtaposition of discrete moments in a life
  • an implied thesis statement


  • Sound: pay attention to the form of your poem: line length/ stanzas/ rhythm and rhyme: Does your poem's sound help communicate its content?
  • Sense: pay attention to your choice of words (diction): are you using imagery which appeals to the reader's senses
  • Sense: is your poem engaging? Does it reveal a theme or state of mind?