Maggie Quiz Two

  1. Why is Maggie attracted to Pete?
  2. What does Maggie believe she must do to make herself worthy of Pete’s affection?
  3. What line has Maggie crossed when she sleeps with Pete?
  4. Describe Nellie. What makes her so interested in Pete?
  5. What does she think of Maggie?
  6. How does Maggie respond to getting dumped?
  7. How does Jimmie respond when he finds out that Maggie has left with Pete?
  8. Who accosts Jimmie on the street before he arrives home to discover that the prodigal daughter has returned?
  9. How is Maggie driven from home?
  10. How does Pete figure that the Johnsons are to blame for Maggie's situation?
  11. Why is Pete afraid for his job when Mag comes by to confront him at the bar?  
    What does he tell her?
  12. What does the priest do when Maggie turns to him on the street and asks for help?
  13. How can you tell that Maggie's time as a prostitute will be short lived?
  14. How did Maggie wind up in the river? Was she murdered or did she jump?
  15. How does Pete receive his comeuppance?
  16. What is Mary’s reaction when she finds out that Mag is dead?



  • What could Maggie have learned from Nell? Would that have saved her?