Maggie: A Girl of the Streets


Part One:



1.       Who comes to Jimmie’s rescue when the Devil's Row boys start pounding the Rum Alley kids?

2.       Who are the members of the Johnson family?

3.       What do the kids get fed for dinner?

4.       What happens to the pail of beer that Jimmie buys for the old lady next door? (11)

5.       How does Jimmie spend most of his time as a teenager? (14)

6.       What job does Jimmie finally land? 

7.       What is the first thing that Jimmie tells his sister when he realizes that she has blossomed into ‘a puty good looker’(16)?

8.       What tale does Pete tell to impress Maggie?

9.       Where does Pete take Maggie on their first date?

10.   What event finally convinces Maggie to leave home and live with Pete? (31)