Maggie: A Girl of the Streets


Part One:



  1. Describe Mrs. Johnson. (What might Dr. Freud have to say about the impact of Maggie's mother on her fate?)
  2. How does the old woman who lives next door to the Johnsons make enough money to get by?
  3. Who in the family has died during the years that pass before Maggie turns sixteen?
  4. Why hasn't Jimmie ever been to school? (What does he do instead of going to school?)
  5. What job does Jimmie finally land? What was that job like in lower Manhattan in the 1890's? 
  6. How has Jimmie gotten in trouble with the law beyond fighting?
  7. How, over the years, has Mrs. Johnson gained fame throughout the neighborhood?
  8. List three acts in the vaudeville show that Maggie sees with Pete.
  9. How does Pete respond when Maggie won’t kiss him goodnight?
  10. What event finally convinces Maggie to leave home with Pete?

Paragraph: Can you identify the key moment in which Maggie makes a choice which will lead to her destruction? (Could she have chosen differently?)